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How to Get Followers on Instagram

Every single day you encounter many Instagram profiles with massive followers bases whereas your profile still stands at not so impressive 500 followers. Ever since the social media expansion, even people’s careers depend on their Instagram statistics and everyone want to buy instagram followers. Since there are so many vastly followed profiles, what can you do to stand out and make people follow you?

Engage with your audience

FollowersFirst and the most important step is engaging with your followers. Like their photos, comment back when they give you a compliment, follow a few people, every once in a while. The more engaged and active you are, the more people you will attract.

Do not post too often!

Some people tend to assume that the more often they post, the more followers they will gain, which is not the case. In fact, it can lead to people unfollowing you because they start to lose interest after encountering your profile that often. Do not forget, less is more! Focus more on the quality of your posts rather than quantity. People will enjoy your profile more without having to focus on several posts at the same time.

Be as candid as possible

When taking a photo of yourself, do not pose too much, those times are over. People are starting to appreciate more natural and genuinely happy photos, rather than flawless, sleek photos that usually do not radiate with honesty and joy. Let people take photos of you when you are not looking your best when you are simply enjoying the moment and you will see the results quickly. Nowadays, people are more staggered by natural photos, which eventually leave a longer impression on them, and that is exactly what you want.

Be authentic

As often as you might hear this phrase, you really need to understand what it means. Many people post selfies that are already seen thousands of times and caption it with ‘Be yourself’, just because it is trendy. That is not the kind of authenticity we are talking about. For instance, if you truly enjoy listening to opera, post that on your Instagram story, rather than current Billboard hit that everyone listens to at the moment. Do not hesitate and do not fear, those that need to follow you, eventually will. You do not need quick followers, you want people that genuinely connect with your profile because those followers are there to stay.

Do not fall in despair over lost followers!

If your following base is decreasing at the moment, do not think about it all the time. One photographer, with 100k followers base, started losing around 1000 followers per day, which made her panic. She started posting much more, which, as already mentioned, is contra productive, which only caused more and more damage. Her business depends on her following base, thus it is understandable why she panicked. However, if you really want a successful Instagram profile, you need to understand that this is completely normal and simply continue with your posts as you would normally.

Buying followers is always an option

You might not know, but many of your role models on Instagram have bought a handful of followers. Buying followers is a no taboo these days. There are many apps if you want to buy followers, you just need to do your research. Some of them do not offer long-term followers, so be careful.

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