How To Buy The Best Smartphone?

How To Buy The Best Smartphone?

These days smartphones have become a necessity, but how much money should you spend on such a device? A great phone should provide you a fantastic camera, keep you entertained, and informed on the move while still leaving you enough battery to get you throughout the day.

Once you include all these features, the price of a smartphone can be quite steep. Before you consider purchasing this unit, you need to spend your money wisely on a phone that will last instead of buying a cheap one that will break all the time.

In this case, you don’t have to think about the malfunction and how to fix those errors. Read our in-depth review and discover what type of phone do you need.

How much should you spend?

Premium phones – if you want a flagship smartphone, such as Samsung, Apple, or Huawei, then you will need to pay at least $700. They often come with large screens, face recognition, wireless, and fast charging, as well as waterproofing. The key benefit of premium smartphones lies with the camera.

Nowadays, you can choose phones that have three or more rear cameras installed.
Mid-range phones – if you aren’t a fan of photography or can live without the very last design, then mid-range phones might be a suitable solution for your needs. They still offer a decent screen size, battery life, and a nice range of useful features. For these types of models, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400.

Smiling Woman Holding Phone

Smiling Girl Holding Smartphone

Budget phones – when it comes to the cheaper end of the smartphone market, it is more challenging to find a decent phone. While their price tops $200, you can still find a couple of good models. Even though they have a cheaper construction, they can be good with a decent camera and battery life.

Android or iOS

Whether you choose Android or iOS, they both power your smartphone device; however, they have a couple of differences. When it comes to Android, it is designed by Google, and many leading phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, or Huawei use this OS on their devices.

While Android is easy to use, with a wide range of free apps, recent research has shown it is slightly more vulnerable to attacks than iOS.

On the other hand, all iPhones use iOS, which is an entirely different operating system. Although some people complain iOS is complicated, others will never switch iPhones for Android devices. Additionally, it provides access to a well-stocked Apple store while all apps are tested on safety before released.Despite all iOS benefits, we have to agree that these devices are quite expensive.

Screen size

Samsung Phone

Holding Samsung Smartphone

Inevitably, smartphone screens are getting bigger. However, the screen size you choose depends on your personal preferences. Considering larger phones are great for web browsing, watching movies, or listening to music, they won’t suit everyone.Also, they can be awkward or too large to hold, and many won’t be comfortable holding a 6-inch phone in their hand.

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