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What Are Message Markers?

The initial exchange of information that happens at “sea” is considered to be a standard maritime message marker. The trade can occur between “ships” or between ship and “shore” and it involves the following stages.

Making a contact

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Even the smallest incentive unit, also known as the unit of conversation is called exchange. It must be referred to a particular topic, and it has two ends. One is held by the controlling station, which means the first speaker and the other is responding station also known as the second speaker. When you want to make contact with the responding party, you need to use clear language and specific phrases which are used in this type of communication. Your questions need to be short and coherent if you want to receive an appropriate answer.

The turn

This represents everything one speaker asks or says at one end, it the time between his pressing and releasing the speaker key. The standard procedure when finishing the turn is to say the word “over.” It means that his request or question has been completed and it’s time for the other party to respond. His turn is over or is given to hearer, who now takes his turn to process and delivers the information.

Maritime Exchange

VHFWhen speakers manage to realize two turns to a single topic, subject of conversation, a maritime exchange happens. When they talk about a particular subject and use more than one turn, they are creating a maritime VHF conversation. There is one most important part of the turn: move or act. It means that speaker contributes actively in the exchange of information and participates in the conversation. He can use various word, questions, phrases, and sentences which can help him to express his intention or request. The vocabulary participants use pretty basic and usually consists of one word, but in cases of emergency, they can use the entire sentences. This is one of the reasons why you need to be well informed about their structure and construction before you intend to make a maritime VHF conversation.

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