Four ways to stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Let’ agree with the fact that accessing the internet shouldn’t be an issue when you are inside your home. It’s easy to connect, it’s safe, and finally, it’s a fact. However, when you are outside, it another story.

A lot of people don’t have data on their smartphones, so they have to rely on the public network. These days, you can access Wi-Fi in more places than ever. It enables you to keep in touch with your friends and work.

But, the public network is less secure than the private one. Therefore, you need excellent firewalls that works against threats. So, here are a couple of tips to protect your information.

Know who you trust

Whenever it’s possible, try to use trusted networks, for example, Starbucks, or McDonald’s. They are less likely to contain threats, and people and companies operating them are already getting money from you.

You must keep in mind that no public network is 100% secure. The safety mostly depends on who provides the services. For that reason, you should stay clear of Wi-Fi that pops up on your phone in a shopping mall, or Wi-Fi that is operated by a third party.

They might be legit, but what’s their purpose if anyone can connect for free. How are they making money? So, use your commons sense before you access such a network.

Pay attention to HTTPS

A couple of years ago, Google Chrome started notifying users about the sites they are visiting. Now you have a chance to see the difference between an unencrypted HTTP and an encrypted HTTP connection. The first one is labeled as unsecured which can serve you as the first warning mark.

You will especially need this warning when you are on a public Wi-Fi. So, when you are browsing over HTTPS, users who are in the same public network can’t snoop on data that is exchanged between you and the website’s server.

Don’t reveal too much information

Some public networks will ask you to provide sign up or provide personal details, such as email or phone number. Don’t fall for their apparent attempt to get ahold of your info.

If you need to connect to the internet, then use trusted recourses and stick to decent places. You can also use an alternative email address designed for this purpose. Also, some phone or cable carries may offer free hotspots in your current location so that you can explore that option as well.

Check the terms and conditions


Before you connect to any public network, make sure to check the terms and conditions. You might not understand every word, but you will be able to notice any significant red flags.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in terms and conditions. They help the provider protect its services. But, if they ask you to install additional software, or browser extension, run away.

Usually, there is a threat lurking behind that can jeopardize your data. Therefore, you may benefit by installing a VPN, to stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

Followers on Instagram

How to Get Followers on Instagram

Every single day you encounter many Instagram profiles with massive followers bases whereas your profile still stands at not so impressive 500 followers. Ever since the social media expansion, even people’s careers depend on their Instagram statistics and everyone want to buy instagram followers. Since there are so many vastly followed profiles, what can you do to stand out and make people follow you?

Engage with your audience

FollowersFirst and the most important step is engaging with your followers. Like their photos, comment back when they give you a compliment, follow a few people, every once in a while. The more engaged and active you are, the more people you will attract.

Do not post too often!

Some people tend to assume that the more often they post, the more followers they will gain, which is not the case. In fact, it can lead to people unfollowing you because they start to lose interest after encountering your profile that often. Do not forget, less is more! Focus more on the quality of your posts rather than quantity. People will enjoy your profile more without having to focus on several posts at the same time.

Be as candid as possible

When taking a photo of yourself, do not pose too much, those times are over. People are starting to appreciate more natural and genuinely happy photos, rather than flawless, sleek photos that usually do not radiate with honesty and joy. Let people take photos of you when you are not looking your best when you are simply enjoying the moment and you will see the results quickly. Nowadays, people are more staggered by natural photos, which eventually leave a longer impression on them, and that is exactly what you want.

Be authentic

As often as you might hear this phrase, you really need to understand what it means. Many people post selfies that are already seen thousands of times and caption it with ‘Be yourself’, just because it is trendy. That is not the kind of authenticity we are talking about. For instance, if you truly enjoy listening to opera, post that on your Instagram story, rather than current Billboard hit that everyone listens to at the moment. Do not hesitate and do not fear, those that need to follow you, eventually will. You do not need quick followers, you want people that genuinely connect with your profile because those followers are there to stay.

Do not fall in despair over lost followers!

If your following base is decreasing at the moment, do not think about it all the time. One photographer, with 100k followers base, started losing around 1000 followers per day, which made her panic. She started posting much more, which, as already mentioned, is contra productive, which only caused more and more damage. Her business depends on her following base, thus it is understandable why she panicked. However, if you really want a successful Instagram profile, you need to understand that this is completely normal and simply continue with your posts as you would normally.

Buying followers is always an option

You might not know, but many of your role models on Instagram have bought a handful of followers. Buying followers is a no taboo these days. There are many apps if you want to buy followers, you just need to do your research. Some of them do not offer long-term followers, so be careful.

remote helicopters

Top 4 remote helicopters to buy in 2018

Whether you are a teen looking for a couple of hours of fun, or an adult searching for a new hobby, remote control helicopters are an excellent way to keep you entertained. The great thing about this product is that there is no shortage of available options, regardless of your age or skills. Nowadays, you can choose between a variety of models and price ranges and find a remote chopper that matches your needs. We have made a list of possible helicopters that may interest you and your family.

The best overall – E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter

This type combines the best features one remote controlled helicopter should have, flight control, battery life, and quality. If you want to buy the best model on the market, then look no further because you can’t top the E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter. You get the assembled device, ready for flying within minutes. It is perfect for beginner’s use, but also for a professional one. The mCX2 includes two types of flying, one is RFT, ready to fly and the other is Blind and Fly, that lest you speed up thing if RTF mode is too slow for you. The price is around $110.

The best budget – Syma S111G

Even though it’s only eight inches long, its budget-friendly pricing compensates the size. You can assemble within five minutes, and it just takes 30 minutes for charging to get S111G up in the air. This model will allow you dozens of opportunities to fly every day. The Syma S111G has a coast guard design and a durable frame that provide excellent flying experience and not only for beginners but also for advanced users. Considering it has an integrated electric gyroscope system, this model is easy to control and provides stability during flight. The price for Syma S111G is $26.

The best for kids – Haktoys HAK303

Haktoys HAK303 is designed for kids ages eight and up, it has a mini remote control and provides excellent control and stability. Considering that HAK303 has a flexible design, it can withstand the damage in the event of a crash, which is essential if you have young kids operating the device. The flight time is between five and eight minutes and recharges within 30 minutes. The chopper enables up and down movements, as well as right and left and it only costs $28.

The best for beginners – Syma S107G

Users reviews have shown that Syma S107G is the best remote-control helicopter for kids, which is available today. The excellent thing about this model is that offers beginner-friendly functionality, without damaging your bank account. Controls have three channels which provide users to learn the basic moves. The remote control also includes the button for quick leveling. With this model, you get the 150mAh battery, which means 12 minutes of flighting time and 30 minutes of charging. Considering it has a light design, you won’t break it in a crash.

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Implementation Of ICT Methods Into Healthcare Systems

The potential of implementation of ICT systems in nearly all fields of people’s activities nowadays is yet to show its full capacity, but the powerful impact is more than obvious in science, education, banking, human interactions and much more. However, for a software engineer, implementation of ICT systems into healthcare system is one of the most important and challenging at the same time. For quite some time, ICT methods facilitated healthcare system only by providing a more efficient administrative aspect of healthcare.

The scope has expanded over time significantly and, as experienced and educated software engineer, I had the honor to monitor the implementation of ICT methods into several hospitals and polyclinics that broke through limitations of the administrative field into actual medical practice. The software infrastructure provides easier ways of communication between hospitals, storing information about patients, facilitates interaction between doctors and patients, prevents medical errors and empowers medical procedures. Here is my review of three major aspects where ICT had an impressive impact on the healthcare system.

EMRX platform for more efficient healthcare

Electronic Medical Record Exchange refers to a particular ICT platform designed for sharing medical documentation among public and private hospitals and health departments. Since I’ve spent too much time privately carrying around tons of papers and various personal medical reports from one doctor to another, I found this electronic infrastructure to be a blessing. However, the software engineer within me approach this platform professionally and found qualities to outnumber challenges and issues. Namely, EMRX connects two clusters of medical records, enabling equal access to many doctors in different hospitals to the medical records of the same treated patient.

The software is rather powerful and supports myriad of data formats, which provides sharing of lab results, X-ray results, medical reports, drug prescriptions and much more. The data flow is smooth, efficient and reliable and coordination among all medical staff involved in the treatment of a single patient is empowered. Although this facilitates treatment and various medical procedures a big time, there is a major flaw in the system. Since EMRX is essentially “opt – out” based application, it requires sophisticated measures of protection and safety to protect the mere document of malicious software, as well as to ensure the privacy of patient’s data and results. The last issue opens a big field for all software engineers and challenges them to improve this fundamentally excellent program.

CDM keeps it all systematic and transparent

CDMSince an average human life spans all up to 80s nowadays, plenty chronic patients require regular controls, checkups, routine therapy or occasional modifications of the treatment. This chronic treatment involves several levels of the health care system, including a general practitioner, various specialists, lab technicians and others, with the mere patient at the end of the chain. There’s a high flow of medical documentation belonging to the same patient and regarding the evolution of the same disease. Chronic Disease Management Program is designed to create a close link between all levels of health care system involved in chronic treatment. Its task is also to keep all the data of a single patient systematically archived, to enable comparison and analysis of the disease evolution.

Finally, it provides solid control of the chronic illness, while at the same time prevents complications and reduces treatment costs. CMS system uses info communication technologies to collect the data, keep the track with the patient and enable two-way communication between doctors and patient.

Practical use of ICT


Finally, there are several particular info – communication technologies that are applied directly to various medical procedures. The one I find the most useful and the most (so far) developed is so called PACS communication system. This application provides storage, distribution, and presentation of various radiology pictures, including MRI, CT, PET, and mammograms, converting them into consistent data format available on various digital devices later.


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Comprehensive Security Measures In Information And Communication Systems

The most valuable currency in our modern digital age is the valid information. Convenient, efficient and above all – secure communication and information sharing is an essential aspect of functioning to most enterprises, small businesses, as well as to individuals. I’ve been a member of several teams of ICT engineers over the last few years, maintaining complex corporative networks and systems of unified internal communication, and two major trends became evident to me.

The ICT systems are heading towards wide implementation of IP-based communication within enterprises that will provide myriad of convenient services, such as instant messaging and e-mails, voice, and video, desktop sharing and conferences.

The other trend is centered around extensive security measures that will protect all the valuable data, personal as well as corporative. The threat of malicious software potentially damaging complex ICT systems is constantly present, so I’ve decided to put down a review and some expert’s advice on how to protect your information stored on various digital devices.

Essential malicious software prevention and protection

SonicWallWith over 300 million of new malware, viruses and various other malicious software attacking during a single year and damaging mostly personal data bases or data bases of small businesses, I strongly suggest you not to underestimate the importance of basic anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Many reputable manufacturers are providing powerful antivirus applications, such as Microsoft, SonicWall, Webroot and others so make sure you purchase system-wide anti-malware and anti-virus 24/7 protection and maintain it regularly. Have in mind that active monitoring and filtration of the incoming data are essential for protection. Also, I prefer to impose strict limitations on employees regarding website blocking and surfing. My experience has proven cloud based protection of emails as the most reliable method.

Safeguard for user accounts

When asked to provide high-quality protection to personal user accounts, I suggest two-factor authentication system. The two-factor authentication system includes additional safety layer aside traditional username and password log in. Various codes designed for a single-use are sent to another personal device connected to the account (usually a cell phone), and the user is obligated to enter this code to complete authentication.

Encryption against unauthorized access


Popular security methods often provide average protection, but in this case, I agree with the standard option. Encryption renders data that is accessible only to approved users by using decryption key and code stored in a secure location. At first, I used to implement the system onto PCs of my clients and maintain it on my own, but teaching and instruction turned out to be more efficient. I decided to simplify the procedure to all my customers and train them to apply encryption on their own. So far, no unauthorized access was reported to me.

Filtration of applications

As the experienced software engineer, I’ve been dedicated to constant fighting against software designed to harm stored PC data. The fact is that most threats to internal information and communication come from users who are trying to access risky or inappropriate websites. Another source of threat is installing and running malicious applications, neglecting the anti-virus warnings. In all of these cases, I solve the problem by implementing the system of application white listing. The pre-formed list of allowed applications is encapsulated by this application and all other applications trying to access the computer are blocked.

Security measures that I mentioned above are some of the conventional approaches I tend to implement into maintaining personal and corporative information and communication systems on a daily basis. Depending on the complexity of the internal network, power of servers, number of clients interacting and the flow of the data, there’s a broad range of other effective safety methods I will discuss in my other article.

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What Are Message Markers?

The initial exchange of information that happens at “sea” is considered to be a standard maritime message marker. The trade can occur between “ships” or between ship and “shore” and it involves the following stages.

Making a contact

VHF header

Even the smallest incentive unit, also known as the unit of conversation is called exchange. It must be referred to a particular topic, and it has two ends. One is held by the controlling station, which means the first speaker and the other is responding station also known as the second speaker. When you want to make contact with the responding party, you need to use clear language and specific phrases which are used in this type of communication. Your questions need to be short and coherent if you want to receive an appropriate answer.

The turn

This represents everything one speaker asks or says at one end, it the time between his pressing and releasing the speaker key. The standard procedure when finishing the turn is to say the word “over.” It means that his request or question has been completed and it’s time for the other party to respond. His turn is over or is given to hearer, who now takes his turn to process and delivers the information.

Maritime Exchange

VHFWhen speakers manage to realize two turns to a single topic, subject of conversation, a maritime exchange happens. When they talk about a particular subject and use more than one turn, they are creating a maritime VHF conversation. There is one most important part of the turn: move or act. It means that speaker contributes actively in the exchange of information and participates in the conversation. He can use various word, questions, phrases, and sentences which can help him to express his intention or request. The vocabulary participants use pretty basic and usually consists of one word, but in cases of emergency, they can use the entire sentences. This is one of the reasons why you need to be well informed about their structure and construction before you intend to make a maritime VHF conversation.

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The Importance Of Communication Courses

In the past times, one on one communication has been very important and our communication skills were essential if we wanted to succeed in life and business world. But, with the progress of technology, the concept of communication has changed. Now, the virtual world has changed the way we think and the way we express our thought. If you write an e – mail or text message, you need to specify your demands. Otherwise, it might be misinterpreted. Effective communication is the key to success in various situations. In the recent years, many experts have been warning that individuals should to undergo communications training in order to improve their skills related to different roles in the society or organization. Obviously, technology is advancing so our communication skills should advance too.

What is the purpose?

Communication Courses

The primary goal of these courses is to enable effective communication between two parties. In this case, we are talking about the digital communication. We need to understand the different social groups work in different directions. What’s acceptable for us, doesn’t have to mean it will be acceptable to others. In these courses, you will learn to recognize different categories of people and how to blend in their social circles. You need to learn how to state your opinion. Otherwise, the other person won’t be able to understand you.

Types of skill you will develop

First of all, in this course, you will learn how to read and transfer message. Many people tend to overlook the important words because they are in a hurry. On the other hand, responding and transferring a message is a much broader topic. Your concept needs to be clear if you want to avoid a conflict and in a business world, conflict can mean a loss of clients. Crisis communication training is also included because it helps users deal with the pressure.

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The Best Chatting Apps On The Market

Smartphones are threatening to replace computers due to a large number of tasks which we can perform on them. Android market has become a huge mega force, and thousands of apps are produced every day. When we talk about the texting, no one uses standard SMS messages anymore. They are still present, but the internet has enabled us a much faster flow of information, as well as audio and video material. This article is dedicated to the most popular chatting apps and the way we use them.


This is product of Facebook and in the beginning almost everyone rushed to download it. Now it has more than one hundred billion of active users. The Facebook Messenger enables Facebook users to communicate in real time using their smartphone devices. The good news is you don’t have to log in to Facebook to use this app. All systems support Messenger, and you can use it to text, share audio, video and picture material. You just have to download this app from the Apple or Google store, and you are ready to go.

WhatsApp Messenger

Whats AppThe same thing like with the previously mentioned, WhatsApp has been downloaded by one billion of users. This is the second largest messaging app, and it has a slightly different concept than Facebook Messenger. Once you download this app, it connects your phone book with all people who have an account with WhatsApp. It has a beautiful and straightforward interface and organizes all chats into different sections. Two years ago, this company started with the encryption of messages, which means no one can read or track the messages you sent. This is a great feature, especially now when almost nothing is private.



The popularity of this app is strictly connected to China, considering that there are two billion of people living there. The rest of the world isn’t overly interested in WeChat, be we need to recognize that Chinese market has a massive potential. The app is free to download, it supports GPS function as well and once you shake your device, you can find a friend nearby.

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Chat With Us

The whole purpose of this web site is to interact with our readers. We want to create an online community which will be active and ready to share personal opinions with us. Whether you have some questions or you want us to write some particular topic, tell us your thoughts, and we will make them possible.

Chat With Us

The progress of technology is unstoppable now; we can only go with the flow and try to understand what is happening around us. This is one of the reasons why we founded this web site – we want to help you understand the modern IT trends, but we also want you to tell us what affects you the most.

With us, you will have complete support because we want to see this community growing. We want to establish the new principles and methods which will work both ways. Our experts will enable you to have a live chat with us. Considering the development of information technologies, you can expect a lot of things from us. We will post the latest trends, but we will also advise you how to fix your problems and stay sane in this cyber age.

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A Short History Of Information Technology

Have you ever wondered which events change the world of computer technology and set the digital progress off? The kids nowadays don’t even remember the age before computers, smartphones and the access to the high-speed internet. But, how did everything start and which events lead us to become a digital society?


When thinking about the alphabet, the first association goes to Mesopotamia. It was the initial “tool” used to keep and transfer information. It wasn’t long before people discovered how to manufacture paper and writing materials. The first writing material was a wet clay, and later papyrus plant was found, and people started producing primitive forms of paper. This trend spread throughout the world, but soon new problem appeared – how to store all that data over a long time? It eventually resulted in the first books and libraries and Egyptians developed scrolls. In this way, they could keep all sorts of information much easier.

Mechanical age

Mechanical AgeIn this stage, we finally start to notice some connection between primitive forms of information technology and the systems we use nowadays. The Mechanical age starts around 1450 and ends in 1840. At that time, a large number of new technologies has appeared. The peak of this era was the first analog computer which could do some primitive functions, such as dividing and multiplying numbers. Several impressive machines were invented during Mechanical age, and even though not any of them was nearly effective as modern – day computers, they still had a significant role. The only problem with those machines was their size; they were huge.

The electromechanical age

Between 1840 and 1940 some major things have happened and here we have early inventions of telecommunications, and soon after that, the first telegraph was invented. In the late 1800s the first radio was designed, and in 1940 the first digital computer was created. This era changed the way how we think and prepared us for electronic revolution.

The electronic age

The Electronic Age

This age stated in 1940, and we are living it now, the era developed the first computers and functional operation systems, which lead us to have high – speed digital computers. The first system was first designed for U.S. Army for artillery firing tables. This machine was so big that tool 680 ft.2 and it weighed 30 tons. The revolution started with the development of the first programming languages, such as COBOL and FORTRAN.