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How To Fight A Cyber-Attack?

We live in a world where anything is possible, and if someone wants something from you, they will find a way to get it. In the recent years, online security has become a big issue and not only businesses, but regular people experienced some sort of a hacker’s threat. In many cases, people are to blame because they didn’t take necessary steps to protect their data and made the job easier for hackers. Detecting an early attack is a critical thing and the first hour is the most important one. It is the hour where every minute counts. Unfortunately, amateurs don’t have the experience to deal with skilled hackers, but there are still some things you can do to protect your data.

Protect the password as much as possible

Protect The Password

No matter what device you are using, you should lock down your computer, smartphone, and accounts. If you are storing your data online, then this is even the bigger reasons to have all sorts of passwords. On the other hand, if you are running a business, your employees are required to use passwords on a daily basis. In many places, people are still complaining about using them, but sometimes they can save your entire business. The crucial thing is to have a good team of IT experts which will monitor day to day task and establish good protection system.

Make a demanding password easy to remember

Stop using your pet names, your birth date, or even your name as the password. In this case, even the experts can make a mistake. A few years ago, we had an example where Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook used 123456 as a password for his Facebook account and when it was discovered the whole world didn’t believe how obvious his protection was. But, 30% of people still use this type of protection. So, if you want to protect your accounts, use something that is a bit difficult to breach, for example, a song lyric of your favorite artist. It’s catchy, but still long to breach. Also, have in mind that it is recommended to change your password at least every three months.


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Cyber Era And How Do We Fit In?

How often have you heard the sentence: “I don’t know, Google it.”? This has become a usual pattern for younger generations, and even elders have learned to adjust to it. The internet has enabled many things to us, and we have fully embraced this digital age. The computer and smartphone have become our window into the world, which essentially isn’t a bad thing. Everything has become “smart,” but the question remains – are we smart enough? Before the appearance of information technologies, humans were the supreme race in the world, but now we are making computer and robots which will soon replace us.

Cyber Era

Still, can you imagine one day without using the Internet or smartphone? Without them, we would be isolated and lost. We need them for our jobs, to keep in touch with our loved ones and to spend some leisure time. In this case, information technologies have taken over the world, and the only thing we can do is to roll with it. In the future, we can expect even greater things to happen because cyber era won’t just stop here and if we are honest with ourselves, it’s hard to live without it.

Considering the amount of technology we use every day, in some way people have become isolated and they spend the majority of their time in the cyber world. Like we mentioned before the good sides, it’s time to start thinking about the bad ones. The title says how do we fit in, but the problem is that we fit too well and we don’t want to leave this cyber world. People don’t have friends, but they rely on subscribers, friend request and likes. Don’t let the internet blind you, live your life with full lungs, and use communication technologies just to achieve individual goals and have more interesting life.

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Communication Technology – What Does It Stand For?

Communication technology or other known as information technology represents all equipment and programs required to process and transfer information from one place to another. Nowadays, we cannot imagine any business or society without information technology. We have become so dependent on, and they mainly run our lives. Communication technologies involve the internet, telephone, e – mail and another sound – based and video – based media. Every day, some new system of communication is launched, and many companies (like HappyMod Store and many more) and businesses have their own communication tools specially designed by their IT experts.

Communication TechnologyIn the recent years, we have new IT devices powered by a wireless network. In the future, we can expect that more and more devices will adopt this method of work. When we consider their social and economic impact, this matter can be observed from two different perspectives. The importance of IT technologies cannot be neglected because it has pierced into all aspects of our society. We now have robots that are “threatening” to replace humans, a computer that deals with work and smartphones and smart devices (that use some very useful applications like Tutu App for example) which make our life much easier. On the other hand, people are struggling to keep their privacy because everything is one click away.

It doesn’t matter which point of view we decide to represent, one this is sure, we can’t deny that IT has changed our lives and for the better. It is us who choose to share our privacy with others; communication technologies just made the whole thing possible.

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The Most Popular Web Browsers – Review

The Internet has taken over the world, and it has become unimaginable to spend even one day without browsing the web. With the development of IT sector, the consumers have been faced with the progress of new tools, gadgets, and software which have flooded the market. The simple fact is that you can’t use the internet without downloading a browser. Depending on your personal preference, nowadays there is a vast diversity of web browsers on the market, and we have taken the three most popular and reviewed them for you.

The Chrome

Google ChromeThis is probably one of the most popular Google products, and it dominates the market for years now. If you are looking for a steady and reliable browser, then the Chrome is the right choice for you. It takes proudly the first place thanks to some excellent qualities, speed, security, and simplicity. The Chrome is available for all platforms, the process of installation is easy, and when you run this browser for the first time, it’s all about signing in and opening the new tabs. Considering the interface, Chrome has continued its minimalistic trend, but you can still change the background and add some extensions, based on your needs. Considering the tabs, it remembers the most visited pages and stores them in its interface. The breach of privacy is the only thing users have against it, since chrome tracks ALL your movements while you are on the web.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has one of the best-looking interfaces. Even though it resembles Chrome, you can still notice significant differences. The tabs are rounded, and they recede into border color when they are put in focus. With Firefox, you will have separate spaces for the search box and address box, which is essential for keeping your privacy. This browser also features tiles for the most frequented pages. As many modern apps, Mozilla has a three – dash button and when it’s clicked it does not display a standard text menu, but a panel of icons for settings. This will give you a better overview of the entire setup options. The reason why many users decide to download this browser is because it offers tracking protection.


Opera has a long history of creating innovative technologies. The installation process is straightforward, you download the small stub installer, which later leads you to download the full version in no time. Considering the interface, it is slightly different than previously mentioned browsers. It’s pleasing to the eye, with square tabs and rounded corners. The background tabs recede, making the content very clear, while you are browsing the web. When you close the last tab, the Opera will shut down by default. A new feature which Opera has to offer is a video pop – out, this option lets you play a video in a separate desktop window while you are operating tasks on your computer. Even though it not popular as the two previously mentioned, Opera still has a lot of things to offer.


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Information Resource Management

IRM includes a practical and philosophical approach to managing the information inside of one structure. In this case, information is considered as a valuable source which should be operated in a particular way. Depending on the type of information, it should contribute directly to accomplishing specific goals and objectives. IRM enables a complete view of dealing the entire life – cycle of information. This includes generation, dissemination, and achieving or destruction of goals. It has only one purpose: to maximize the overall usefulness of data and to improve a particular service, business or delivery within one system.

Information Resource ManagementIRM is an integral part of one organization and cannot be separated. In some systems, we need to coordinate a couple of information in one moment, and they all need to work togethe. In addition to this, IRM finds ways in which management of information and the management of information technology are closely connected. It tries to build even stronger connection, to create an organizational integration.

IRM includes two sectors. First one is the broad range of information recourses, such as printed materials, electronic data, some small microforms. The other aspect is technologies and equipment which are used to managed and manipulate all these recourses. We shouldn’t forget the people as the vital part of this scheme. They are here to organize and generate the entire process. If IRM sector is in the hands of incompetent people, an organization of a company will start to fall apart.

If we have information, then we have power. This is one of the reasons why we need to understand why information resource management is so vital for every society and business. Determining which information is the most important one and classifying it into an appropriate category can save the entire structure a lot of work and improve the whole business or company in general sense.