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The Most Popular Web Browsers – Review

The Internet has taken over the world, and it has become unimaginable to spend even one day without browsing the web. With the development of IT sector, the consumers have been faced with the progress of new tools, gadgets, and software which have flooded the market. The simple fact is that you can’t use the internet without downloading a browser. Depending on your personal preference, nowadays there is a vast diversity of web browsers on the market, and we have taken the three most popular and reviewed them for you.

The Chrome

Google ChromeThis is probably one of the most popular Google products, and it dominates the market for years now. If you are looking for a steady and reliable browser, then the Chrome is the right choice for you. It takes proudly the first place thanks to some excellent qualities, speed, security, and simplicity. The Chrome is available for all platforms, the process of installation is easy, and when you run this browser for the first time, it’s all about signing in and opening the new tabs. Considering the interface, Chrome has continued its minimalistic trend, but you can still change the background and add some extensions, based on your needs. Considering the tabs, it remembers the most visited pages and stores them in its interface. The breach of privacy is the only thing users have against it, since chrome tracks ALL your movements while you are on the web.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has one of the best-looking interfaces. Even though it resembles Chrome, you can still notice significant differences. The tabs are rounded, and they recede into border color when they are put in focus. With Firefox, you will have separate spaces for the search box and address box, which is essential for keeping your privacy. This browser also features tiles for the most frequented pages. As many modern apps, Mozilla has a three – dash button and when it’s clicked it does not display a standard text menu, but a panel of icons for settings. This will give you a better overview of the entire setup options. The reason why many users decide to download this browser is because it offers tracking protection.


Opera has a long history of creating innovative technologies. The installation process is straightforward, you download the small stub installer, which later leads you to download the full version in no time. Considering the interface, it is slightly different than previously mentioned browsers. It’s pleasing to the eye, with square tabs and rounded corners. The background tabs recede, making the content very clear, while you are browsing the web. When you close the last tab, the Opera will shut down by default. A new feature which Opera has to offer is a video pop – out, this option lets you play a video in a separate desktop window while you are operating tasks on your computer. Even though it not popular as the two previously mentioned, Opera still has a lot of things to offer.


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