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The Best Chatting Apps On The Market

Smartphones are threatening to replace computers due to a large number of tasks which we can perform on them. Android market has become a huge mega force, and thousands of apps are produced every day. When we talk about the texting, no one uses standard SMS messages anymore. They are still present, but the internet has enabled us a much faster flow of information, as well as audio and video material. This article is dedicated to the most popular chatting apps and the way we use them.


This is product of Facebook and in the beginning almost everyone rushed to download it. Now it has more than one hundred billion of active users. The Facebook Messenger enables Facebook users to communicate in real time using their smartphone devices. The good news is you don’t have to log in to Facebook to use this app. All systems support Messenger, and you can use it to text, share audio, video and picture material. You just have to download this app from the Apple or Google store, and you are ready to go. Or you can try it out with the PPSSPP Emulator.

WhatsApp Messenger

Whats AppThe same thing like with the previously mentioned, WhatsApp has been downloaded by one billion of users. This is the second largest messaging app, and it has a slightly different concept than Facebook Messenger. Once you download this app, it connects your phone book with all people who have an account with WhatsApp. It has a beautiful and straightforward interface and organizes all chats into different sections. Two years ago, this company started with the encryption of messages, which means no one can read or track the messages you sent. This is a great feature, especially now when almost nothing is private.



The popularity of this app is strictly connected to China, considering that there are two billion of people living there. The rest of the world isn’t overly interested in WeChat, be we need to recognize that Chinese market has a massive potential. The app is free to download, it supports GPS function as well and once you shake your device, you can find a friend nearby.

An app that you should reconsider using is the AppValley App, and you can read about it on their Facebook page and website.

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