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Top 4 remote helicopters to buy in 2018

Whether you are a teen looking for a couple of hours of fun, or an adult searching for a new hobby, remote control helicopters are an excellent way to keep you entertained. The great thing about this product is that there is no shortage of available options, regardless of your age or skills. Nowadays, you can choose between a variety of models and price ranges and find a remote chopper that matches your needs. We have made a list of possible helicopters that may interest you and your family.

The best overall – E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter

This type combines the best features one remote controlled helicopter should have, flight control, battery life, and quality. If you want to buy the best model on the market, then look no further because you can’t top the E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF RC Helicopter. You get the assembled device, ready for flying within minutes. It is perfect for beginner’s use, but also for a professional one. The mCX2 includes two types of flying, one is RFT, ready to fly and the other is Blind and Fly, that lest you speed up thing if RTF mode is too slow for you. The price is around $110.

The best budget – Syma S111G

Even though it’s only eight inches long, its budget-friendly pricing compensates the size. You can assemble within five minutes, and it just takes 30 minutes for charging to get S111G up in the air. This model will allow you dozens of opportunities to fly every day. The Syma S111G has a coast guard design and a durable frame that provide excellent flying experience and not only for beginners but also for advanced users. Considering it has an integrated electric gyroscope system, this model is easy to control and provides stability during flight. The price for Syma S111G is $26.

The best for kids – Haktoys HAK303

Haktoys HAK303 is designed for kids ages eight and up, it has a mini remote control and provides excellent control and stability. Considering that HAK303 has a flexible design, it can withstand the damage in the event of a crash, which is essential if you have young kids operating the device. The flight time is between five and eight minutes and recharges within 30 minutes. The chopper enables up and down movements, as well as right and left and it only costs $28.

The best for beginners – Syma S107G

Users reviews have shown that Syma S107G is the best remote-control helicopter for kids, which is available today. The excellent thing about this model is that offers beginner-friendly functionality, without damaging your bank account. Controls have three channels which provide users to learn the basic moves. The remote control also includes the button for quick leveling. With this model, you get the 150mAh battery, which means 12 minutes of flighting time and 30 minutes of charging. Considering it has a light design, you won’t break it in a crash.

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